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Program for Advanced Learners

To ensure that the needs of our students are met, Del Mar Hills Academy provides meaningful, rigorous learning opportunities commensurate with the qualities and potential of each student. Academic curricular components are planned and organized for each child as integrated differentiated learning experiences within the regular school day and may be augmented or supplemented with other differentiated activities related to the core curriculum, including independent study, acceleration, and enrichment.
This educational program is a child-centered program based on the unique needs of each student that incorporates practices for advanced learners with these identified outcomes:
  • Determine the potential of each student.
  • Provide learning opportunities commensurate with the qualities of advanced students.
  • Offer rigorous, stimulating learning environments.
  • Assist in cultivating self-generating problem solving abilities.
  • Foster healthy self-concepts.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Develop the skills involved in productive interpersonal relationships and positive leadership.
We know that every student needs an experience that challenges him/her and takes into consideration individual learning styles and special abilities.  Multiple measures are used to determine a students’ aptitude, including district assessments and performance tasks, standardized test results, formative classroom assessments, and daily classroom work. We are committed to providing differentiated learning experiences that correspond with the student’s particular abilities and talents. Those experiences include, but are not limited to, curriculum compacting, tiered assignments, high level questioning, and flexible skills grouping.
The ongoing professional development provided for our district’s teachers on the use of effective instructional skills is a top priority as we pursue the highest quality of instructional practices.