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Nancy Fetzer Language Arts Program

In our continuing effort to align our curriculum with the ever-changing needs of our scholars, we have implemented the Nancy Fetzer program.  This program contains standards-based reading and writing lessons packed with best teaching practices that are fully integrated into the science, social studies, and language arts curriculum.  By utilizing Nancy Fetzer throughout the grade levels, we are able to better bridge one grade level to the next, so scholars are provided with a connected continuum of learning.
The Nancy Fetzer program will help our scholars to:
  • comprehend narrative and expository text in social studies, sciences, and language arts;
  • write organized and interesting sentences and paragraphs;
  • understand, analyze, and evaluate narrative and expository text in social studies, sciences, and language arts.
  • bridge from highly supportive writing to total independent writing;
  • learn to plan and organize ideas for engaging narratives, interesting information, dynamic descriptions, succinct summaries, insightful responses to literature, and convincing persuasive essays.
  • read science and social studies textbooks while simultaneously taking comprehensive notes.
  • utilize the list and draw, question, then react reading routine for narrative text that will increase students depth and complexity of text.
ABOUT NANCY:  Nancy Fetzer, M.A., is a nationally recognized curriculum expert and staff development trainer. She is an award-winning teacher who has authored and illustrated many books, manuals, and videos. After years of research, application, and refinement, Nancy has crafted schoolwide methods and strategies that dove-tail with any adoption or framework. She provides the "how-to" methods for curriculum implementation in today's diverse classrooms. This is not a scripted program, but a unique process that guides all students to read, write, listen, and speak with high-levels of proficiency. 
For well over a decade, Fetzer has worked directly with schools and districts inservicing staffs to utilize her explicit direct-instruction strategies, packed with academic language development and student engagement techniques. Her dynamic workshops include classroom demonstration lessons (grades K-8), highly effective multi-sensory instructional tools, and an infusion of ideas utilizing best teaching practices.  Teachers marvel at Fetzer's ability to enter their classrooms, engaging every student with her positive behavior techniques, systematic step-by-step instruction, and academic language development. Her lessons immediately impact student learning.  Nancy is a unique staff trainer that designs workshops and demonstration lessons to meet the specific needs of all students. Teachers immediately and positively react to her engaging presentation style and respect her vast experience as a classroom teacher.