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Del Mar Hills Academy School Information

Del Mar Hills Academy is one of the smaller schools in the DMUSD.  It's core curricular concepts are extended and reinforced by meaningful lessons in science music, art, and technology that are interwoven into every aspect of the teaching environment.  Highly skilled, credentialed specialists work with students and grade level teachers to enrich and reinforce standards-based concepts at each grade level. Our ideally small, intimate student body size enables creativity and the innovative infusion program design. Our commitment to the specialist teachers facilitates targeted small grouping for student learning and ongoing teacher collaboration. In addition, we have a half time physical education teacher.
The teaching staff at the Academy is "second to none" and highly committed to ongoing training and curriculum development. All of our teaching teams work in "Professional Learning Communities" (PLC) to maximize our efforts to provide differentiated learning experiences for ALL students. Recent staff development has been concentrated in the areas of literacy and the writing process, program differentiation (effective teaching for all ability levels), and project based learning.
Our students never cease to amaze us, whether it is a concert solo, stellar standardized test scores, a science fair invention, an award-winning essay, or a poem written on a whim.  Our dedicated staff is extraordinary, and our parents are irreplaceable as they work with our Everyone a Reader and Junior Great Books programs, art activities, and classroom support services. Our science, art, music, and technology labs are state of the art. The breeze of the Pacific Ocean fills our campus as does the energy and love of learning that is instilled in each one of our treasured scholars. We love our small school community and value each day with our bright-eyed, eager student body!