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Welcome to the Del Mar Hills website, we're so glad that you're here!  As the smallest school in our district, we function much like an extension of each child’s family where warm, caring relationships are fostered between and among our students, staff, parents, and members of the community.  Our intimate size cultivates a strong sense of unity and teamwork that is felt the moment you enter our front office, where you’ll always be welcomed and received like a member of the family.  
With our 40+ year tradition of educational excellence, Del Mar Hills is a leader among elementary schools across our state.  At Del Mar Hills we have an ongoing commitment to academic excellence and education of the whole child, a staff dedicated to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of every SurfRider, and a student body that is motivated to learn and achieve.
Our educational program is grounded in standards-based, progressive and developmental core-curricular instruction integrated with fine arts.  This commitment, coupled with extraordinary teacher collaboration, sets in motion an innovative program design that provides an optimum learning experience for every single one of our students.  In addition to the learning that goes on in our grade level classrooms, our science, music, art, technology, and physical education classes are taught by credentialed teachers who are specialists in their fields.  The collective goal of our specialists is to enrich the educational program for each one of our SurfRiders and as a result, we see them emerging as musicians, artists, scientists, athletes, and future programmers.  The entire Del Mar Hills community works together to provide an enriched and balanced educational experience for each one of our SurfRiders.
The breeze of the Pacific Ocean fills our campus as does the energy and love of learning that is instilled in each one of our treasured students. We love our small school community and value each day with our bright-eyed, eager student body! It's an absolute pleasure, and honor, to work here at Del Mar Hills.